Best-Realty-Edgerton-What-is-my-home-worth2 What Is Your Home Worth?

Receive Free Comparable Market Analysis

Your home’s market value is an important factor in a long list of financial decisions, including selling the home, refinancing your mortgage, borrowing against your equity, estimating your annual property tax bill, buying homeowner’s insurance, calculating the expected return on remodeling costs, managing your other investments, estate planning and so on. The trick is figuring out how much your home is worth — and remembering that how much you paid for it months or years ago isn’t relevant to its current market value.

Please contact Best Realty of Edgerton for a free Comparable Market Anaysis (CMA) for your home.  The CMA we prepare for you will give you very comprehensive data showing what has sold recently in your marketplace as well as time on market, price per square foot, other homes currently for sale similar to yours as well as the recommended list price and estimated sales price.  We will project how long your home could be on the  market for, offer ideas to help you better prepare your home for sale, and show you the costs incurred at time of closing.  Call us anytime at 608-884-8468 or email us at


What's My Home Worth